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Colorado Oil & Gas Lawyer

Trusted Colorado Oil and Gas Lawyer

Searching for a qualified oil and gas lawyer? Understanding energy-specific legal issues like leases, royalties, and compliance is essential for your business. Our specialized Colorado oil and gas lawyer can help you and your family navigate the intricate framework of energy law, providing practical solutions for your oil and gas operations. If you’re in need of legal assistance for oil and gas related matters, call Balzer Law Firm today at (970) 203-1515 to schedule a consultation.

Due Diligence & Risk Assessment

In oil and gas transactions, due diligence plays a vital role. It aids in:

  • Identifying potential defects that could lead to termination of the transaction
  • Evaluating and mitigating risks linked to suppliers and partners
  • Verifying the accuracy and reliability of collected data

In a nutshell, due diligence is the safety net that catches any potential pitfalls in a transaction.

Recognizing the significance of due diligence, Balzer Law Firm has tailored its services accordingly. Our Colorado oil and gas attorney meticulously carries out due diligence for transactions, encompassing title and environmental reviews, contract evaluations, and identification of potential liabilities. This thorough approach helps mitigate risks for our clients and ensures smooth and successful transactions.

Regulatory Compliance & Midstream Services

Balzer Law Firm provides comprehensive support for midstream activities involving crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. We offer legal assistance for these activities, including:

  • Negotiation of gathering, processing, transportation, fractionation, exchange, and purchase and sale agreements
  • Addressing the unique requirements of the oil and gas sector
  • Ensuring that your operations are compliant with all necessary regulations

Our services are designed to provide the necessary legal support for your midstream activities.

The oil and gas industry often grapples with pipeline-related issues. Balzer Law Firm can help with a range of legal factors concerning these issues, including:

  • Adherence to federal and state laws
  • Regulations and compliance with safety standards
  • Obtaining required permits
  • Handling corridor certificates
  • Tariff approvals
  • Rate cases
  • Pipeline safety consultations

With our extensive experience and detailed knowledge, Balzer Law Firm can guide you through the complex web of laws and regulations that govern the oil and gas industry.


Resolving Royalty and Mineral Tax Payment Issues

In the oil and gas industry, royalty and mineral tax payments frequently emerge as a point of contention. Disputes can arise due to challenges related to the accurate remittance of royalties from producers to mineral rights owners, discrepancies in the calculation of royalties based on production quantities, and the absence of explicit dates for royalty payments in mineral leases.

Our Colorado oil and gas lawyer has extensive experience in handling such disputes, assisting clients in conducting internal audits, and negotiating settlements in royalty class action cases and in production tax cases with state governments.

When resolving royalty and mineral tax payment disputes, it is essential to take into account the methods for allocating production among tracts in a pooled unit and to have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental legal concepts pertaining to these disputes. We are well-versed in these considerations, ensuring that their clients are well-represented and that their interests are protected.

Comprehensive Title Work Services

Title work services constitute a vital component of every oil and gas transaction. They ensure that property ownership is thoroughly researched and documented, allowing clients to secure deals at the most favorable price and gain a comprehensive understanding of the ownership and surface rights involved.

Balzer Law Firm possesses substantial expertise in conducting title examinations and preparing acquisition, drilling, division order, and financing opinions for fee, federal, and Indian lands across various states.

Balzer Law Firm provides four primary types of title work opinions:

  1. The acquisition opinion
  2. The drilling opinion
  3. The division order opinion
  4. The financing opinion

These opinions assess a property’s title during a transaction, advise on the feasibility of drilling on a tract of land, calculate the interests of different parties in a well, and evaluate the title for financing purposes. With our oil and gas attorney’s comprehensive title work services, clients can be confident that their transactions are well-documented and legally sound.

Contact Our Colorado Oil and Gas Lawyer Today

The complex legal landscape of the oil and gas industry requires the expertise of a seasoned legal professional. From handling transactions and conducting due diligence, to representing clients before conservation commissions and resolving royalty and mineral tax payment disputes, to offering comprehensive title work services and supporting unconventional resource plays, Balzer Law Firm has a proven track record of excellence.

Regardless of whether you’re a national or international oil company, involved in offshore operations, or an oilfield service company or joint venture, Balzer Law Firm has the expertise to ensure that your legal interests are protected and your operations run smoothly.